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Artist: Peskador, Loriana Valente, Community Rejuvenation Project and youth: Elsy McGowan, Eric F, Samanta G., Diego "Silent" Flores, Quentin McCoy, De'AUndra S, Ricardo M, Priscilla C, Marta L, Alex M, Xzaivier W, Zihomara A, Reyna M., Jenny Dang, Cash Da Silva

Location: 303 41st Street

City: Richmond

Date Painted: 2013

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: East Bay Walls

Description: butterfly. woman making fist and holding muscle. sunflower. boy skateboarding. dragon spray painting a rainbow. "Love has no gender. I'd rather be different than a copyright. Imagination is the pathway to change." paint can and roller. mountains and volcano with smoke turning into curly clouds. woman standing in Native dream catcher with feathers holding heart on fire. boombox. dragon head spitting rainbow with music notes. break dancer. sunflower.

Notes: part of a longer mural that wraps around the building

More information about the mural: https://richmondconfidential.org/2012/08/17/teens-create-a-rainbow-hued-mural-celebrating-pride-and-acceptance/