The Great Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

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Artist: Rigo 23

Location: 1314 San Leandro Boulevard (posterior wall of St. Leander School gymnasium, adjacent to San Leandro Boulevard)

City: San Leandro

Date Painted: 2014

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: East Bay Walls

Description: "The great migration of the monarch butterfly. La gran migraciĆ³n de las mariposas." map of North America with lines up from Meixco to Canada and a circle in the North West. Arrows as a key: 1st Generation April- May, 2nd Generation Jun-July, 3rd Generation Aug-Sept, 4th Generation Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar The mural is in monarch colors (white/yellow/orange/black) and on a light blue ocean.

Notes: 1/3 of a very large mural which celebrates both the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary and San Leandro's Portuguese heritage.

Complete mural from above: