Ryse Youth Center

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Artist: Cameron Thompson, Vero d. Orozco

Location: Ryse Youth Center, 205 41st St

City: Richmond

Date Painted: 2013-2014

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: East Bay Walls

Description: 12 boxes in two rows. Top row: Ryse Youth Center, Youth Leadership, Creativity, Safety, Partnership, Justice & Equity, There is something for everyone. Bottom Row RYSE. Each letter is in a separate box. R, Native pattern with spray can, pencil, feather, fist, microphone, fork (?), peace sign (?), paint brush, scroll, Y, "Richmond" in banners, held by hands. hands also holding light bulbs, book, paint (?), camera, S flower E sunburst with shaking hands, hand with graduation cap, hand with globe, hand with scales of justice, hand with torch

Notes: work in progress and details below

East Bay Walls, 2022

East Bay Walls, 2022

East Bay Walls, 2022