Ryse Center Mural Project

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Artist: Robert Trujillo

Location: Ryse Youth Center, 205 41st St

City: Richmond

Date Painted: 2010

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: East Bay Walls

Description: face blowing wave. girls hugging boy. power plant. police car. people walking towards bars, one handcuffed. hands hold the bars. girl with raised fist. two guys hugging under street signs: Ryse Up x Richmond. gravestone: "Crime," over grave- person putting gun in the grave. person with megaphone. group of teens. person carrying books, person with graduation cap and gown holding diploma. "Ryse Center, Welcome" in graffiti letters

Notes: With funding from the East Bay Community Foundation. Details below.

More information at https://www.ebcf.org/post/public-art-enhances-daily-life/

East Bay Walls, 2022

East Bay Walls, 2022