Reach Squad vs Coronavirus

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Artist: Jonathan Brumfield

Location: REACH Ashland Youth Center, 16335 E 14TH ST

City: Ashland

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: East Bay Walls

Description: cartoon panels. 1: Stop the spread! "Reach squad vs Corona virus." youth in hoodies and masks fighting against a large character of a corona molecule. "Stay 6 feet apart!" "Sanitize!" pow bubble- "Attack COVID-19." Toilet paper roll. green slime. 2. two youths in masks sitting at desks. One facing a computer with person on screen. speech bubble: "I know it seems like forever, but we will get through this. Let's work together." The other with hand in head. Speech bubble: "I can't wait to return to school."

Notes: part of a longer mural