Pleasanton 100 Years Ago

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Artist: Charlotte Severin, Helen Weaver, Esther McIntosh, Steve Barkkarie, Steffi Gross, Jeanne Tierney, Bev Barkkarie, Cynthia Altman, Julie Frey, Annika Frey, Lydia Frey, Helene Roylance, Miranda Miller, Kim Coberg.

Location: 800 block Main Street

City: Pleasanton

Date Painted: 1969, 1996 and 2017

Date Photographed: 2019

Photographer: Jay Galvin

Image License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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Description: 1800s history of Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley. Farmhouse and fields. train and train station. church. old buildings. men pulling plows. hills. Plaque painted on right says: Pleasanton 100 years ago. Fiesta 75 mural. Dedicated June 1969 Rededicated June [??] Sponsored by Mayor Bernard Ger[??] Coordinated by Charlotte Severin Designing Artists H. Weaver & E. McIntosh Restoration Artists H. Weaver, C. Severin, J. Hawley, P. Zellner, Y. G[???], P. Picco, J. Fox, S. Marchand, D. Sassin, M. [???], A. Emery, D. [???], J. [???], A. [??], M. Thompson, W. Emery, J. Severin, G. Severin, J. [??], M. Dellus, B. Weaver, D. Garcia & B. Shoemaker. Restoration Artists 2017 Coordinating artists Charlotte Severin & Stephen Barkkarie Cynthia Altman, Bev Barkarrie, Kim Coberg, Annika Frey, Julie Frey, Lydia Frey, [???] Gross, Miranda Miller, Helene [????], Jeanne Tierney Sponsored by The City of Pleasanton Pleasanton Art League PAL Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council PCAC Way Up Art & Frame Shop

Notes: This mural was Pleasanton's first public artwork and has been restored multiple times. 2017 Restoration sponsored by the Pleasanton Art League (PAL) and the Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council (PCAC) with co-sponsorship of Way Up Arts & Frame Shop in Livermore.

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