Pioneer Founders

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Artist: Barbara Stanton

Location: 608 Main Street

City: Pleasanton

Date Painted: 2014

Date Photographed: 2015

Photographer: Jay Galvin

Image License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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Description: Studio-style portraits of important people in Pleasanton's history: Joshua Ayers Neal, Angela Bernal Neal, Phoebe Hearst, John Kottinger, Marie Bernal Kottinger, Henry Paul Mohr, Joseph Black, José "Indian Joe" Guzman, José Maria Amador, Agostin Bernal, Walter Briggs, Edith Ziegenfuss, Tom Orloff, Cornelius Nevin sitting in a old-fashioned living room.

Notes: Funded in partnership with Pleasanton's Leadership Class of 2013 and the Hardington Art Partnership. The setting of the mural is from an actual room in Phoebe Hearst's home and contains Native American baskets, and a woven wall hanging. Each person has a rose in their lapel or hand and roses are visible throughout the mural: roses are a big part of the history of Pleasanton, and Jackson and Perkins were rose growers/wholesalers.

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