Mt Eden: Home of the Monarchs

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Artist: Carrie King, Jared Gochuico, Jankley Garcia and AP Art students

Location: Mt. Eden High School, 2300 Panama St

City: Hayward

Date Painted: 2010-2011

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: East Bay Walls

Description: "Mt. Eden Home of the Monarchs." 4 stages of lion- cub through adult- on savannah. blue and gold squares around the outside with words and pictures of school clubs and interests- Golf, Cheerleading, song leading, volleyball, wrestling, cross country, "Hit smash score!," basketball, soccer, football, track and field, baseball, softball, swimming, VSA, National Art Honors Society, SWAT, Counseling, Stage Left, World House, Spanish Club, Puente, Poly Club, Noveller Club, Black Student Union, MSA, Lion's Gate, Japaanese Club, French Club, Filipino Club, MEGA, Debate Club, etc.

More information about the mural and pictures of the mural in progress: