Movie Palace Tower

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Artist: Andrew Kong Knight

Location: Foothill and C Street

City: Hayward

Date Painted: 2012

Date Photographed: 2018

Photographer: Jay Galvin

Image License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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Description: “Movie Palace Tower" features a 30 foot luminous theatre facade flanked by the two main inlets that lead into the city of Hayward: the San Mateo Bridge on the left and a BART train on the right, paying homage to Art Deco's celebration of modern technology and transportation. The decorative spiral pattern in the immediate foreground symbolizes the bay. Inside the tower at the top is a female moon goddess figure holding up a crescent moon sculpted in relief. Knight based the figure and pose on sculpture from the Deco era and historic goddess imagery.

Notes: Description from the Hayward city site: