Essential Workers of the Pullman Neighborhood

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Artist: Rebeca Garcica-González, Ramonita González, Julianne Wallace Sterling, Caleb Turner, Lorena Plazola, Groundwork Richmond Green Team

Location: Pullman Porter Park, Richmond Greenway between Chanslor and Carlson

City: Richmond

Date Painted: 2020

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: Trailhead Bob

Image License: Used with permission

Description: Buildings: Taqueria el Tren, nail salon. woman waving in doorway of taqueria. person riding bike. People of the community. Man with locs wearing glasses. people in masks. two larger people. various kinds of people walking away from BART train: doctor, person in scrubs, person with baseball cap and book bag, person with mask talking on cell phone, masked woman in hoodie holding child's hand, teenager in hoodie with raised fist, houses and palm trees

Notes: details and work in progress below. Mural is sometimes referred to as "The Pullman Mural." Funded by the East Bay Community Foundation, Groundwork Richmond and the City of Richmond.

East Bay Walls, 2022

East Bay Walls, 2022

East Bay Walls, 2022