Downtown Streetscape

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Artist: Suzanne Gayle

Location: 1049 B St

City: Hayward

Date Painted: 2009

Date Photographed: 2015

Photographer: Lois Elling

Image License: Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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Description: City block of buildings highlighting Hayward's icons. Left to right: Hayward city hall with people and dogs. golf club hitting ball off tee. Firehouse with fire truck. Restaurant- "Bistro" with people dining. Big beer can pouring. Above the restaurant is a theatre window and two swans. Antiques store with train coming out. Pyramid with eye, barber shop. Person walking dog. Street lamp with sign. Arts studio with person painting mural. People sitting on deck. Hayward theatre, "Heart of the bay." Giant salt shaker shaking salt onto popcorn cart. Child pulling red wagon with hot dogs, man in wheelchair with small child. Hotel with statue in the window. Man with briefcase. Police officer on bike with child. Bookstore. Hand holding carnation next to flower store.