Creative Concord: Doran Dada

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Artist: Doran Dada

Location: Genisee's Bridal, 2368 Concord Blvd

City: Concord

Date Painted: 2022

Date Photographed: 2022

Photographer: Local Edition Creative

Image License: Used with permission

Link to Original Image:

Description: Egyptian symbols and shapes

Notes: From the artist ( The mural represents a "coronation of divine purpose. The bold colors bring the ancient forgotten world back to the present timeline. Old world metropolis imagery to remind us of the origin of our civilization. History Matters, Black African history matters! The Uraeus snakes coil like DNA strands up the staff of Tehuti, reaching the winged pinecone of wisdom and enlightenment. Anubis merges with Ausur/Osiris & The lioness Goddess Sekmet in the form of the Sphinx is present with her pharaonic disciple (me) watch as the spark of magic initiates the festivities. It’s a joyous occasion filled with all the fanfare, lotus flowers and electric snakes. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life!" Work in progress below